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Hiring guidefor employing in Serbia

At RemoteSerbia, our mission is to help you build and maintain the best possible employee experience for your team. We are de-facto leading the way in practicing fairness, which is making sure employees have access to both the required and additional benefits they need to thrive.

Serbia, beautiful country with amazing people.

Facts about Serbia.

Ranked 64th on the human development index, Serbia is an upper-middle-income economy that provides universal healthcare and free education to its citizens, powered by strong agriculture, petroleum, and IT industries.

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Payroll cycle


Hire employees in Serbia. No entity needed.

Usually, to hire in Serbia, your business needs an entity. That means a local office, an address registered as a subsidiary (with rent), and an account with a local bank.

RemoteSerbia lets you hire employees in Serbia quickly, easily, and compliantly and without hassle.

All the necessary benefits, plus extras.

RemoteSerbia platform allows you to provide custom additional benefits for employees in Serbia within minutes.

Health insurance

Social security

Meal allowance

Unemployment insurance

Employing in Serbia

General rules

The Serbian Labor Law defines provisions for employee protections and workers’ rights are applicable to Serbia’s workforce. Employees in Serbia enjoy protections against discrimination based on age, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, and race.

Payrol cycle

For customers of RemoteSerbia, all employee payments will be made in equal monthly instalments on or before the last working day of each calendar month, payable in arrears.

Onboarding time

We can help you get a new employee started in Serbia fast. The minimum onboarding time we need is only 7 working days.

Taxes in Serbia


11% – Pensions and disability contribution

5.15% – Health insurance

0% – Unemployment insurance


14% – Pension and disability contribution

5.15% – Health insurance

0.75% – Unemployment insurance

Personal income tax rates


Types of leave

Paid time off

Employees are entitled to at least 20 days of paid vacation annually. Serbian labor law stipulates that the minimal duration of annual leave has to be increased on the basis of following criteria.

  • Contributions to work
  • Working conditions
  • Working experience
  • Kind and level of education of the employee

The Employer is free to determine the exact number of days of increase for each of the categories above.

Public holidays

Employees are entitled to take the 12 public holidays as paid days off work.

Sick leave

For non-work-related health challenges, employees are entitled to 65% of their wages for the first month of an illness, or even full wages, if an employee’s illness is related to the nature of the job.

For illness exceeding the first month, employees can draw sickness benefits from the Serbian Health Insurance Fund.

Maternity leave

Female employees having their first and second pregnancies are entitled to maternity and childcare, starting 28 days before delivery, and lasting for an entire year, with their full wages paid for the duration of the leave.

Maternity and childcare leave lasts up to two years for the third pregnancy onward, with full wages paid throughout the leave duration.

Paternity leave

Paternity leave lasts for seven days.

Other leave

Bereavement leave: employees are entitled to five days of paid leave in case of the death of a close family member.

Health purposes: Employees can take two paid days off work for voluntary blood transfusion.

Adoption: Foster and adoptive parents are entitled to at last eight months of leave, starting when the process is finalized, until the child turns 11 months of age.

Employment termination

Termination process

Employee contracts can be terminated if a just cause is established, such as dishonesty, negligence, fraud, or any other work-related offenses, and the grounds for termination must be tendered in advance to the employee or the latter’s trade union.

Notice period

Advance notice is only required if an employer is terminating an employee for inability to carry out tasks related to the employment contract, and in such a case, can be given anywhere from eight to 30 days in advance.

Severance pay

Severance payments are only mandatory if an employee is laid off due to redundancy and are calculated by multiplying a third of the employee’s annual salary by the number of years of employment with the employer.

Probation period

The Probation Period is maximum of 180 days. It is common to apply the maximum probation period to senior roles.

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