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Hire employees without opening an entity in Serbia.

Hire employees in Serbia in minutes without the additional cost, time and admin. We take care of the entire employment process so you can focus on growing your business.


Employee onboarded!

We own trustworthy entity with a high creditworthiness score

To hire an employee in Serbia, you need to open a local entity. This takes a long time, costs a lot of money and creates ongoing admin. Your entity can also get into some trouble if you don’t comply with local laws.

Instead, let us handle the entire employment process, taking care of all the compliance, payroll and HR admin, while the employee works for your business just like the rest of your team.


We are taking care of everything to ensure compliance with Serbian requirements including taxes, social security, minimum wage, termination requirements, and more.

Trusted by employees

Providing compliance is just a small single step. We are providing value to the employees as something which only well established companies in Serbia can.


When you hire employees with RemoteSerbia, we take on all employment liability to make sure everything is compliant with Serbian labor laws.

Additional benefits

We are partnering with the renown companies in Serbia to be able to offer your team one of the coolest benefits on the market


We are partnering with the best

Serbian labor laws constantly change. We work with the best legal and accounting companies in our country to keep every contract up-to-date.

Scale and optimize your team with our HR experts.

In today’s marketplace, growing companies are facing serious challenges in finding the right talent. So, it’s more important than ever for companies to have a reliable service for their recruitment strategy.

Apart from providing Employer of Record services and with partnering with some of the best HR agencies in Serbia we can help you find best talent for your business.



Issue custom cards to your employees

By partnering with the OTP bank in Serbia, and OMV we can offer your employees a personal VISA & OMV cards.

You can define and set limits thus easily control their expenses.

Run your team payroll effortlessly

Reduce the time you spend on setting up a payroll and paying your Serbian team. RemoteSerbia is making sure to take care of everything, so you can focus on growing your business.

Contract management

Review your team’s salaries and pay everyone with a click.

Handling taxes

We are responsible for paying all of the taxes and government fees for you.

Focus on growth

Let us admin your employees and deal with complete team operations.

We spread happiness with our service.

RemoteSerbia with it’s range of services, as a reliable Employer of Record is committed for your team’s happiness, safety & productivity.

High savings potentials

By using our services you are actually saving the money.

We are secure

Keep complete control and retention of your team’s intellectual property and invention rights. Your IPs are safe with us.

Excellent support

We are here for you and your team anytime and we will do our best to support your business.

Tailor-made perks

Some of the greatest perks available on the market, only on RemoteSerbia.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Pension fund

Pension fund





Private banking

Private banking

Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces


Other perks

We futureproof organisations through providing excellent EOR service.

We are the first local Serbian Employer of Record platform. Unlike similar global services, we are fully incorporated, compliant and trusted by local employees.

Our Employer of Record platform is really simple and easy to use. You can easily onboard employees and manage their payrolls.

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Frequently asked questions

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What's an EOR?

An Employer of Record (EOR), like RemoteSerbia, allows companies to quickly hire an employee anywhere in the world – in this case in Serbia without setting up a legal entity on their own.

Once you onboard with us, we’ll take care of everything from hiring, onboarding, and HR admin, so you are fully compliant. While the employee will technically be on RemoteSerbia’s payroll, they’ll still work for the company using the EOR, just like any employee. 

How do you handle taxes and contributions?

Serbia has its own and honestly specific set of laws around taxes and contributions that have to be provided for employees. These range from health and unemployment to insurance and social security.

RemoteSerbia exists to ensure every employee receives all necessary benefits, along with any optional benefits the employer would like to provide.

How the termination and severance is managed?

With our help of course, you need to pay attention to the proper termination notice, severance payouts, and any accrued benefits like untaken vacation days.

We manage the entire process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

How you deal with IP?

We have the strongest intellectual property protection clauses built into our contracts which means  that any and all IP passes through to you.

Can I give my employees equity?

The shortest and simplest answer is “yes”. 

For example, in The U.S. companies can issue what’s called non-qualified stock options, also known as NSO. Since the company doesn’t have a direct employment relationship (on paper) with the employee, NSO is the only viable option.

We are having customers all over the world.

RemoteSerbia is the easiest way to onboard and manage your Serbian team.

What people say about our platform

RemoteSerbia makes growing remote teams in Serbia effortless.

“We previously thought that it will be easy to wrestle with the taxes, work permits, administration and operations in Serbia by ourselves. RemoteSerbia has eliminated this complexity so we can focus on scaling quickly.”

Clark Ludendorff