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Frequently Asked Questions

What's an EOR?

An Employer of Record (EOR), like RemoteSerbia, allows companies to quickly hire an employee anywhere in the world – in this case in Serbia without setting up a legal entity on their own.

Once you onboard with us, we’ll take care of everything from hiring, onboarding, and HR admin, so you are fully compliant. While the employee will technically be on RemoteSerbia’s payroll, they’ll still work for the company using the EOR, just like any employee. 

How do you handle taxes and contributions?

Serbia has its own and honestly specific set of laws around taxes and contributions that have to be provided for employees. These range from health and unemployment to insurance and social security.

RemoteSerbia exists to ensure every employee receives all necessary benefits, along with any optional benefits the employer would like to provide.

How the termination and severance is managed?

With our help of course, you need to pay attention to the proper termination notice, severance payouts, and any accrued benefits like untaken vacation days.

We manage the entire process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

How you deal with IP?

We have the strongest intellectual property protection clauses built into our contracts which means  that any and all IP passes through to you.

Can I give my employees equity?

The shortest and simplest answer is “yes”. 

For example, in The U.S. companies can issue what’s called non-qualified stock options, also known as NSO. Since the company doesn’t have a direct employment relationship (on paper) with the employee, NSO is the only viable option.

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